What to Remember When Trying for Military Benefits

You were called to protect our country’s freedoms and made your loved ones and our country proud by serving in the United States Military. Now that your service is over, however, you may be left with financial, physical, and emotional difficulties that have proven themselves rather difficult to overcome all on your own. You may have heard about Veterans Affairs and some of the many services available but are not sure exactly where to begin filing claims to receive any benefits. Additionally, you are likely wondering which of the several potential military benefits wellington OH residents are entitled to obtain.

The process necessary for receiving benefits after serving in the United States military may be confusing and time-consuming. After sacrificing so much for our country, this is likely one of the last things you and your loved ones want to worry about. If you are struggling to find your footing when attempting to go through the Veterans Affairs process, here are a few of the many things to remember when working on your VA claims filings for military benefits.

1) The VA may assist your family by offering up supplemental income through what is called the Veterans Pension Benefit. This is only available to low-income and wartime Veterans who have had at least 90 days of active duty, with one of those days being served during a period of wartime. Additionally, you may need to meet additional requirements, such as being permanently disabled past the age of 65.

2) Survivors Pension benefits are for those whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives in the name of freedom for our country. The eligibility requirements include being under the age of 18, or under the age of 23 if enrolled in approved college courses, or even proven to be incapable of self-sufficiency due to a preexisting disability prior to the age of 18.

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3) If you or your loved ones qualify for pension benefits, you may be eligible for Aid & Attendance Housebound benefits. These benefits are only available if the individual requires the assistance of a professional to assist with the necessary physical, emotional, or mental tasks that are typical of daily living.

4) Be sure to ask your VA officials about the status of your ongoing claim and if there is anything you can do to help speed up the processing time. Sadly, processing Veterans Affairs claims can seem never-ending, but once the process is complete, you will be glad you went through with it.

5) Look into Veterans Bonus programs that you may qualify for. There is normally a stipulation that requires your service to have occurred after a certain date, but you will not know about this potential benefit unless you ask about the bonus and your possible eligibility.

If you or your loved one served bravely in the United States military and need some financial assistance to overcome any hurdles, knowing that there is assistance available may help to ease your mind. Reach out to your VA office to receive claims assistance and get the process started on your military benefits today.